Private equity Xenon takes over the Tuscan A&A center, specialized in the production of fine reptile leathers, through its VII fund.

The company acquired by the private equity fund specialises in the production of valuable reptile skins, with the tanneries Zuma and Casadacqua and a crocodile farm in New Orleans. Former majority shareholder and appointed CEO Andrea Dolfi previously sold the specialist leather company Caravel to Gucci.
The private equity firm Xenon uses the VII fund to take over the Tuscan A&A centre, specialised in exclusive reptile hides. The import-export company in turn holds the entire share capital of the Zuma tannery in Castelfranco and the Casadacqua tannery in Santa Croce. The deal also includes a crocodile farm in New Orleans, which places the tanneries among the very few operators who control the entire value chain for major labels.
Every year 35,000 alligator hides are shipped from the US to Zuma, where they are tanned and finished for prestigious fashion houses. The average price for these skins is 33 euros per square centimetre. Zuma specialises in crocodile, ostrich and python, while Casadacqua focuses on exotic hides and reptiles, particularly ayers, elaphe, viper and karung snakes.